Hors d’Oeuvres

Every good caterer has a special trademark or signature dishes, and Tam’s undoubtedly her fabulous fresh and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls, with fresh herbs and rice noodle, all wrapped in a very thin rice paper and served with homemade peanut sauce.

Finger food and light bites are perfect way to keep everyone happy through hours of chatting and munching. Variations can be almost endless. An old standby like melon and prosciutto can be deliciously transformed by wrapping wedges of green honeydew with black Japanese seaweed and inserting a large lump of crabmeat under the seaweed.

What a perfect celebration with over 400 inspiring and tasty appetizers, snacks, and first course dishes to start your party. Call Tam for specific designing and planning of Hors d’Oeuvres theme menu for your very own party.

Finger Food & Light Bites

Standing-and-eating food has to be easy to eat and sufficiently satisfying to keep everyone munching  through hours of chatting.

– Marinated mussels (seasonal)

– Crab Cakes with curry aioli

– Chicken with lemongrass and garlic

– Salmon Rolls with fresh herbs, all wrapped in rice paper

– Shrimp Rolls with rice noodles, fresh herbs, all wrapped in rice paper, served with a peanut sauce

– Skewered Filet Mignon marinated with lemongrass, sesame oil, grilled to perfection

– Fresh Vegetarian Rolls with honey-hoisin sauce

– Green Papaya with carrots, fried shallots, and crushed peanuts

– Spicy Glass Noodle Salad with chicken, green onions, and fresh lime juice

Fabulous Fork Food

Formal or casual, this type of food is fun and easy to eat. Menu options are available depending upon what style and theme you want to serve. Call Tam to discuss your choices, whatever your plan is…Italian, Vietnamese, Asian Infusion, or Mexican…the dishes will be complementary and marry well to form a well-balance nutritious and delicious meal for your special guests.

Dinner from the Buffet

Balance dinner-party formality with self-service is an excellent way of sharing a special meal with a large number of guests. The ambience can be stylish, with attractively garnished food, elegant table setting, and all the trimmings that make your celebration memorable.

From easy appetizers like marinated roasted vegetables and mini cubed cheese, cured meats with olives, smoked salmon marinated with chopped fresh dill and mustard in olive oil, to simple-to-serve main dishes, such as wild halibut with fresh tarragon and butter sauce, or grilled filet mignon marinated with lemongrass and chopped garlic…these are sheer fun and guarantee to satisfy your guests.

Brunches and Lunches

Parties between mid-morning and mid-afternoon range from laid-back indulgence time to really lively and invigorating social gatherings…from sophisticated low-key to relaxation fun with friends…to stimulating book club meetings…to private semi cooking class…brunches and lunches are perfect time to chill-out and enjoy with your family and friends.

Cook-ahead options, such as classic quiche Lorraine, set omelettes, to fresh organic seasonal salad, to spicy glass noodles, to hot or cold soups of the day…these dishes will make your guests want to linger over.

Always Make Room for the Desserts

Make sure that your guests leave the party on a high note after sampling one (or more!) of these mouth-watering sweet treats. From home-made cookie variety…chocolate chip, hand-dipped chocolate coconut macaroons, to crispy fried banana topped with dark chocolate drizzled…to tarte au citron…to lemon sorbet…these desserts will make your party enjoyable and memorable!