About the Chef

Chef Tam Your executive chef, Tam Trinh, was born and raised in South Vietnam and is one of 12 children.  Her main chore was helping in the kitchen and her mother taught her the tools of the trade beginning at 10 years of age.  She used to cry as her mother made her go into the kitchen… either to light the charcoals of the brick stove, to clean fresh fish, or to kill a chicken for the evening’s meal!  Now, it is impossible to keep her out of the kitchen and only the act of slicing an onion makes her cry.

Tam’s style of cooking reflects her childhood memories in Vietnam… going early to the market in the morning, gathering the freshest available produce and preparing dishes without a pre-planned menu… no recipe to follow … and no preservatives!  Her dishes are exquisite, delectable, healthy and exciting- a combination of her lifetime of cooking experience and her education.  Tam holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from San Diego State University.